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What Brake fluid? Braided lines, Brembo max discs, ebc greenstuff

  K20 EG Hatch
Right. I have got Brembo max discs on the front, standards on rear, ebc greenstuff pads all round and goodridge s/s braided hoses all to go on the car.

What brake fluid should i go for? And how much of a job is changing the hoses? Should i take it to a garage?

  Burgandy 174 sport t
changing the hoses is a doddle if a little messy, I never changed the fluid myself though I got some fancy stuff put in mine too aparantly???
Do it yourself its not difficult so long as you have someowhere warm and dry to do it.

I use the super dot 4.1 Halfords used to sell Demon tweeks now sell it but no idea who else does.
well fred's sending me brembo mac disc's, gr lines, feredo pads and dot5.1 fluid :) cant wait to get it on plus my carbon bonnet i shud see a slightly better braking experience


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Tweeks it is then , lol . I think you have to change dot 5.1 on a more regular basis as it doesn't absorb moisture like dot 3 and 4 so it settles in your caliper and can cause them to rust .
  FF 182, K5 GSX-R1000

People seem easily confused by the DOT number. :S

While it may not be obvious, the big advantage of the DOT 5.1 fluids is that they contain all of the nifty water-absorbing characteristics of the DOT 3 and DOT 4 fluids while simultaneously providing for very high boiling points and relatively stable viscosity over a wide range of temperatures. The best of all worlds, you could say.

More indepth;
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