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what brakes ????

  Clio 182
Hi there my brakes could do with changing which ones are the best to go for im not going to do any track days maybe a quick blast rount the countryside but that will be it cheers Chris
  Silver Clio 172 Phase 1
Stay away from green stuff! Reds ok yellow's better and blue's very good if you must stay with ebc but most peeps tend to go for Ferodo ds2500
Good quality standard (O/E) stuff with the use you will put them to. Brands to look for are Ferrodo, brembo, mintex, pagid. Or just go to Renault!

A set of brembo O/E discs and pads for the front will be less than a set of "performance" pads on their own - and replacing as a disc/pad set is well worth it.


ClioSport Club Member
  Arctic 182, GTD
If I was you, go for pagid, very good quality. I sell them at ECP and I sell them to Mercedes and BMW specialists all day long with no issues, and they prefer them to O.E! If you go on the ECP website you save yourself 25% aswell at the moment I think ;) dont get me wrong the other brands are very good too but for the money mate pagid will be cheaper and exactly the same in quality wise.