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What camber bolts are you guys using? B14 and camber


ClioSport Club Member
I've recently installed a new set of B14 coilovers. I went from cheap crappy FK technix to these Bilsteins so the difference was massive. The only thing I'm running into is camber adjustment. I've always used H&R bolts with my old coilovers which allwed me to get about -2.5 degrees of camber in total. I always had it set to -2. However, now that I've got the new set installed with these same camber bolts the alignment place told me they could only get about -1.36 degrees of camber. I honestly don't like the feel of this at all and would really like to go to at least minus 2 degrees of camber. Granted, the old setup had a bigger slot on the struts so thats probably where the advantage came from but I'd just really like some more.

What bolts are you guys using? I've come across a few threads where people are talking about alignments with their B14 coilovers and most seem to be able to go way past my maximum camber settings.

I should add that it's a 172 phase 1 with cup wishbones.


ClioSport Club Member
Aren't the powerflex ones too small?

Either way that thread was enough for me to buy the eibachs which seem fine.