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what components are beter out of these

  Looking For a 1.4RT

Get JL Audio Sepakers, i use to help out at i Specialist Car Audio Shop which only sold Products which they have personally used and the best speakers are JL Audio Apparantly.
  One with a few more

In this case id actually recommend the Infinities. Usually JL for me but tbh, I know from lots of others that in this instance the Jls are not as good.

I would perhaps consider upping your cost slightly
  clio si dti

Quote: Originally posted by clairesclio on 03 July 2005I would NEVER go for vibe speakers. they are p1ss poor quality at best

to right, out of the 2 youve picked go for the infinitys but theres not much difference between the 2, think there the same company Harman??