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What engine oil is standard

Anyone know what oil is in the Cup/172 from factory? And what oil would be best to run it on? I have always been a bit partial to Mobil One, but just dont know.

Advice appreciated!

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I think he maybe talking about Oil grades mate.

I use Fully Synthetic 5w30 in mine and SAE rating A3 I think !


Ive been advised to change the oil after 1500 miles which is what im trying to do at present. Im changing it for Mobil 1 fully synth aswell.

Cant beat it!

Cool, Sangy. Ill do the same then. Went to look for some decent seats as well today in Milton Keynes, sat in a few Corbeau seats, and one of them was quite good, at £201 plus 45 squid for the frames. Might do that as well.

When I ordered my Cup I heard nightmare stories about the seats and was advised that it would be the first thing Id change! I dont actually think they are all that bad, ok not too great on the lateral support when youre throwing it around, but ok for the english roads.

Still at £246 its a bargain! Youll have to let us know what they are like and if its worth the expenditure.