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What engine

  Lupo Gti

Just wondering what engines u can put in a clio 1.4 RT without 2 much trouble......

Hows about

1.8 RSI

1.8 16v?

Renault 5 GT turbo......!!!

also would a 16v or RSI interior bolt straight into a 1.4 RT....


  Revels Mum & Sister

And yep a 16V Interior or RSI will bolt staight in mate.

Some people have gone the GT Turbo route. But you are best of selling and buying a 16V. Better chassis for a start mate and they can be picked up cheaply!!

Listen to BenR he is the man!

agree, sell and buy.....i had a an RT and never drove it cause i was apalled by it. Got a valver and its a diff machine, if you could ever make a full blown RT anything like a std valver then my commendations!