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What have you done to your car today ???


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Have you got a guide on how you did this. I never use my cig lighter so may as well use it for something useful like you have done.
It was pretty easy. The only time consuming part was filing down the hole for the new USB connector to fit in.
I've linked the one I bought below (although it seems to be a different colour now). It comes with the connectors so you can simply cut your old cables, strip them and then crimp them to the new USB.

Let me know if you go ahead with it and have any issues. I'd be happy to help.


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First Job was to sign up as a paid member, secondly I wanted to change the silver bee sting aerial for a standard (shorter) black one.

And finally the bullet badges had been painted black, which were peeling. Upon removing the N/s bullet badge I found it had been held on with some putty adhesive, after closer inspection and when attempting to remove the bullet the whole side rub strip was peeling away. It became apparent that that too was held on with strong adhesive.

Onto ebay I went to source some standard silver bullet badges and a mondial blue N/S rub strip.

After an hour or so of peeling,scrubbing and prodding I managed to remove all the adhesive putty and sand the area down. On with the side strip and bullet badge. And back to standard! :)


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I have just bought a Auto Glym headlight restoration kit...I did try with a turtle wax kit awhile but it didn't it's probably £25 down the pan..


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Engine bay tidied up - bonnet catch rust treated and resprayed & replaced the upper engine mount as it was a bit rusty (3 years old).


Then onto the rear beam in preparation for a PMS anti-rollbar and new bushes (the last ones to be updated on the car).

Rear beam dropped and now off with the powdercoaters -


Useful little brake line blanks -


With good access to the rear of the car I decided it was now a good time to look for and treat any surface corrosion -



Grinded back, this is where the rear springs meet the body -


Treated with Hydate 80 and ready for undersealing -


Fuel door removed (and now the fuel cap etc), only a little rust but on the list to treat before putting the rear beam back on -


Also replacing the rear brake lines (already received from RPD) and refresh the rear caliper slides as one was actually siezed.

Looking forward to getting back out in it for spring!


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Service done by The Clio Man in Littlehampton, also fitted HEL brake lines and PMS RARB.. First time the car had been inspected by a specialist and he gave it a very clean bill of health, bar a crack and leak in the rear of the centre exhaust silencer - need to decide if I want to fix that or replace. Boring drive home in traffic gave no opportunity to see how the RARB effected handling, will have to wait for a blast at the weekend. Alignment, headlight restoration are next and it's in need of a wash and wax top up.