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What % increase in premium after crash


I had a crash around a month ago and just wondering what, on average, was the percentage increase in peoples premiums after a crash.

I am currently 22 (was 21 when I took out the premium), have 0 yrs NCB and am paying 1475 fully comp on a mk2 172 at the mo. What do you think I am looking at when its time to renew?

one accident isnt usually a problem, its once you get into the 2nd and 3rd claims that you get ass raped

Erm, pretty. Did £2500 damage on my car and a bit on his (bloody towbar did all the damage on mine), but think hes claiming for whiplash.

Cheers for making me worry even more BTW! I new it was going to be expensive, already had to pay a £550 excess! :(
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Im in a similar situation. My premium renewal is due next month, Im looking at about a 10 - 15% increase over last year when I had 1yrs no claims. Now I have none.

Ok, just done a quick premium calculator on Direct line (who I am woth at the mo), gone up to £1767 (I know its not that accurate at this point in time), not as bad as I thought. Going to go and have a look at tesco.....

I work in insurance and i can advise that premiums normally goes up by 15% if your first FAULT claim. was the accident your fault or someone elses?

Mine mate, went into the back of someone. THe situation was basically that the car I hit had to brak hard for someone in front of him stopping (on a solid white line part of the road), and I went into the back of him.

Therefore my fault. :(