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What paint?

  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
The hubs/wishbones/uprights etc on my Striker have been painted light blue. As this does not go with the new paint scheme I need to paint them black. What paint can I use to paint over the top? I'd rather not have to rub them all down, will need to paint in situ so hoping for something in a spray can...

  Chocolate Bar™
is it actually paint? or powder coated?

if its powder coat you can rub it down with wire wool, and then blast it in metal primer, paint and lacquer. or for a semi-bodge but ok job go for some hammerite spray.
if its been sprayed you can again just rough it up and spray over it in conventional paint. not going to last as long as taking it off, and stripping it etc. but should give the look
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
Nice one Mark. I really need to have a good look at it. I think as this is temporary for the remainder of the year (pre-rainy season at least!), is to rub it with some wire wool and just spray paint it for a few coats with some lacquer. Convential paint should do nicely.

Then over xmas I can properly remove it all and clean it up like new.