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What really f***ing bugs me

Is that to the uneducated eye, my mk2 172 looks much like an ordinary Clio when its large in the rearview mirror.

So, you get the prats in their RAV4s and Mondeo 16v turbo sport family truck dithering, when an overtaking opportunity arises.

Will they get out of the way for a Clio ? Will they boll**ks !! They sit there in the middle of the road, so that I would have to take a risk to blast past them.

Im thinking of painting a large white SPORT logo on the bonnet.

Think this will work ??

I actually get more of a problem from tailgaters. I think a 172 in the rear view looks the part but peops stuck to my ass on the motorway see the Sport badge and stick it in the same class as a Corsa Sport.

Until I floor it that is!

Dont worry Jilly,

Its only because they are never sure if its one of those days that your driving in ur silly sandles :oops:
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

When a few of us met up for a blast one weekend I was leading and the 172 in my mirror looked the part I thought! Obviously not as mean as a 16v or Williams due to lack of vent etc, but a lot more than any other Clio!

Cheers :)

The 172 looks alot meaner in the rear view mirror that the New Civic Type R does. One followed me last night and I could only tell what it was when it came close at the lights. Then I could see the little R badge on the grill. And why is it that the Type R always seems to be driven by someone over the age of 50?

Most of the fun I have is blowing away dum ass tailgaters, since they have no idea what the Sport badge means. Especially the fluffy dice and BMW (less than 323c) brigade;)
  Clio 197

Funny that. The roads clears when I drive my old banger of a 300TE 4matic but approach at 220 in the Willy and the buggers are a bit slow clearing the passing lane!

These Germans have been taught to respect the star but the little frog cars have to earn their respect.

On a similar note though, theres nothing better than pulling up at the lights next to some tw*t who has no idea that your clio has 172bhp, and watching their gobsmacked face in your rear view mirror as they eat your dust. ;)

Yeah. It happened to me with a Fiesta with 17". He actually tried to outrun me. Then I revved (sp) and the little Fiesta become a small dot on the mirror. :D

i drive a valver but you can bet your bottom dollar ill let the 172 past thats behind me. I think they look sodding great. Dont let a few ignorant prats piss you off mate, just think of the satifaction of being able to blast past them! (then stick ur finger up!)

  BMW 320d Sport

One thing I thinks worth considering...whenever Im behind Simons 172, it always looks a lot meaner than everyone elses...why? Cos its lowered. It really looks the part and seems to be able to handle a lot better than a standard one.


  Shiny red R32

Has anyone noticed that when viewed in the interior rear mirror that following cars look very wide and squashed a bit lower than they actually are?
  Clio v6

Quote: Originally posted by paddymph on 25 September 2002

Woo hoo!!!!!!! Dont we all lurve our motors on here!

Yes I think we do and posts like this bring a cheery smile to my face.:D