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what to do to my valver next

  clio 20v

ive got some money togetha to pay off my loan but theres no benifit in payin all my loan off cos i still have to pay a % of the interest but im payin some off to bring my monthly payments down SO.....

ive got 500quid to a grand to spend on my car at the minute and dont know what to buy

so far ive got it lowered, 17s, full mongoose wiv de-cat, ind kit, stereo and should have a unichip soon

what do you guys/gals think i need some ideas

  clio 20v

got leather, dont want tints so people cant see my leather he he

thought ud come up with nitrous or cams or summat nick

not sure on doing bodywork yet

keep em cumin!

  Clio 172 cup

If you have big alloys why not but some decent 285mm front brake discs on. not only will it help you stop alot better , they will look the dogs bollox behind your alloys and make the ones you had before look puny in comparason!


I will get some pics up of mine when it has been sprayed and you will see the difference the smoothing makes........You know you want to, also get rid of the car park dents it is bound to have!
  clio 20v

shortlist so far - fast road cams, or

rear diffuser, bonnet de-badged, bumpers smoothed, de-lock and spray rubbing strips, smooth tailgate,

thought of big brakes but they wont fit under anythin below a 16 so i wont be able to fit my 15s again should i need to or want to on the dragstrip e.t.c

so do i go more speed or bodywork or a combination of the two


if u need bodywork done in the south london/surrey area
let me know.

type k styling have already done 2 cliosport cars and mines being done over xmas :)
if interested
  clio 20v

cheers matt but i live in the north west

cliocup- i have already spent a lot of cash on it and ive only had it 6 months i intend keepin it for a good while yet i dont think i could get anythin quicker or better looking (in my opinion of course) unless im prepared to pay a lot more for insurance, and ive wanted one for years cos u dont see many about

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Clour code the door strips, bumper strips and handles, and also the roof strips and spoiler....?

IMO looks better if the strips are taken off and the bodywork smoothed in, also whats the alarm like on your car could be worth and upgrade?

adi, i am in exactly the same situation. might get a BMC CDA and dastek chip in january or stage two upgrade or two litre conversion in feb OR go for full on turbo madness around april. think i will hang on for a while though just to see how many other people get the turb conversion/if the price will come down etc. also i am thinking of waiting til the 60k miles time and get the turb conversion then seeing as that service will cost around a grand anyway!!
  BMW 320d Sport

Well i didnt recommend nitrous cos it might be within your budget now, but once you get the bug it can work out expensive having to keep filling up the bottle! Cams are a good idea if youre doing the swap yourself. If youre doing the work yourself then a 2.0 bottom end and exchange 270 cams can be done for under a grand actually.

Dont hold on for the price of a turbo conversion to come down...BB Tuning are about to do the high boost conversion on mine and the parts are not cheap if you want a proper job. But once youve been for a ride in their demo Clio which is running at 240bhp at the moment, all thoughts of 2.0 or cams will be forgotten, seriously, you wont want anything else.

is the high pressure one at 240bhp or is that the low pressure one? k-tec have got one under construction also. i would be expecting to pay around the 4000 mark anyway. nick, have you considered traction? this does worry me slightly as with cams etc. you get the power at peak revs with asmaller chance of losing traction but with a turbo....well im sure you know yourself