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What to look for when buying a Williams

Im looking at a mint Williams Clio 2 tomorrow its M reg and has covered 41 thousand miles which means its only done on average 5.5 thousand miles a year and also has a FRSH. The car is at ******* Garage in ******** who a very reputable dealer of rare sports cars. They are infact a Lancia Evo specialist that have appered on TopGear. The car comes with a full service, 12 months MOT, a cambelt change, a 12 months warranty and 12 months AA cover. Anyway I need advice from other Williams owners on what to look out for before purchasing the car.

I looked at the normal things you would for any car, I dont think i checked anything different because it was a williams. Just check everything works correctly electrical wise aswell, renaults seem to get a few minor faults that way. The rear arches can rust but the one your looking shouldnt have. My clutch is heavy and i dont know if this is the norm or my gearbox is on its way out. Mine has only done 26k so i assume they have a heavier clucth, but ive only had it since sunday so I cant help too much.