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What to look when viewing a Ph1 172

  Impreza RB5 #054
I'll be viewing one of these tomorrow, anything major to look out for?
Only faults he's mentioned are little rust on rear arch, handbrake cable and steering wheel.

  225 Cup & Williams
Make sure both belt kits have been done. Rust on the rear arches is getting quite common so I wouldn't worry about it. Steering wheels are usually worn pretty badly.
  330i. E30 Touring.
Check the usuals as you would with any car. As long as it's in decent enough nick/things can be replaced cheaply enough and you get that money off the price- winner.

Boot floor for creases is one that's commonly missed and can be a sign of a bump.
  Impreza RB5 #054
Belts have been done he's saying.

It has a short MOT but but looks like it could be had for sub £600
  Impreza RB5 #054

I bought it! Going to give it a good clean tonight. :)
  Impreza RB5 #054
Mileage is 78k, no mods completely original, even has the spare oz f1 wheel with the tools in the boot. Drives lovely.
Only faults are as above really, small scab of rust on nsr arch, needs a new handbrake cable On the drivers rear brake and a slight whirring noise from the front wheel bearing.

Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet :) needs a good bloody valet either way.
  Impreza RB5 #054
Few more pics







I'll start a little project thread over the next couple of days, to to keep track of the little jobs il be doing.