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What Tyres (BMW 130i)

  Not a 320d

A friend gets his new 130 in about 2 days and wants rid of the run flats already on the car. Hes been asking my opinion on Hankook V12's since ive had them fitted 2 weeks ago, but I cant give an honest opinion as im still playing with tyre pressures, havent had my car setup yet and the roads have been damp everytime ive been Ive been driving so far.(Been good so far)

Ive told him about Vredstein Sportrac 3's and Uniroyal Rainsport 2, Hankook v12's and Eagle F1 Asymmetrics as possible purchases. He is also considering PS2's as his dad had them all round on his M5, another of our mates with the "ACS1" 118d had PS2's on his although he replaced them with PS3's and we both noticed a drop in grip. The PS2's have been great on both cars.

Wondering what would be the best option where;

A. Cost is not an issue.
B. Costs need to be taken into consideration and saving a few quid isnt a bad thing.

  Not a 320d
Lol. His 650i has run flats and so does the 335i, driven them both and cant say im a big fan of them. The 330d I drive also has run flats but they have a fatter tyre wall and arent all that bad.