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  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

Thinking about buying another clio in oct-jan time.Bin happy with mine and spent a fortune on it, thing is i can get a 22% discount on renault through my work but cant decide what i want.Ive currently just bought a mint r5 turbo with 44k miles 91 reg so i wana do that up etc etc.Anyway i want another clio so which one people.Gunna b a dynamique but which one.1.2 16v,1.4 16v,1.6 16v or how bowt a dci 80 ?? i wud buy a 172 but the chances of getting one with a reasonable quote bud be mad as im only 21.Renault have said they can give me 5 years no claims after the first year free insurance so if they come up with something good then u never now do u..
anyway ideas, has anybody raced a dci 80 (has a blue i on side door badge) and what was it like then.Ive drove one and it was dead torquey but it didnt seem to have the pull im use to with me r5.This is tuning into an essay so reply guys.c ya
  Renault Laguna Coupe

A mate of mine has a 1.6 16v Dynamique plus. I can tell you without fear of contradiction that it flys! Easily does 40mpg and !20 mph no problem at all - relaxed even. Bargain at 10 grand I reckon, even bigger bargain with 22% off!


  Shiny red R32

What is your insurance like on the GT Turbo? I have heard from a couple of mechanics (one a Renault mech. for 12 years) that they are not at all reliable, due to things like head warping, faulty turbos and poor gearboxes, as I know someone who wanted one but is not so sure now, especially after reading some comments on their website. What is yours like and how long have you had it?

HILLY, just to let you know, Renault also offered me the option of the 5 years NCD after just 1 years free insurance when I bought my 1997 Clio 1.4S. I thought great, then when my renewal came thru the price they quoted was huge because the company had changed their policy with young drivers. I thought no big deal, I will just go somewhere else with my 5 years NCD but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the 5 years NCD is only available when you take out insurance with that same company, it does not carry over to other companies, this is what happened with me anyway, you may want to check about this.

is that true for everyone who had a year free insurance? cause i always wonder why my was so cheap.
if it the case fro everyone then i might partx it to a 172 later
  Ford Fiesta

had 2 years free from ford on my festa when t ran out they quoted silly amounts, now 19 2 years no claims on car and one on a bke. This is my third year and im now with renault am likely to get the 5 years NCD too?


dos it mate spend the money on your gt
if its mint just spend money on it at a reputable 5 tunning place on all the right bits and you will have a fast reliable charger.however never never take it 5 alive



Can you afford to both tune ur 5 and get a new one?

the only sensible option if so is to tune ur 5 so you have one mega fast scarey hatch, and then get a DCi 80. If i didnt get my 172 i would have had the DCi no question. When looking at cars people were saying why dont you get something with a little smaller engine... Less insurance... but a little slower.

This does not work for me. If im gogin to have a fast car, i want to go the whole hog or nothing at all.
I didnt see the point in a 1.2 or 1.6 which are quickish and use an average amount of fuel. Id rather go all out mental fast, in a car which gets MUCH more respect (more than it sometimes deserves with the other engines being so good) or completly economical in a DCI which can manage a return trip to newquay with 5 people on
  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

Yeah that helps but has anybody raced a dci 80 in any other clio, i went to a renault open day few months ago and tryed a dci and a 172 both really nice and quick loads of torque with dci, just wundered what the competion wud b like against a 1.6 16v dyn + ??? my r5 is mint 91 reg 44k miles mint bodywork in white, stnd 2 owners from new payed £3500 which is alot but when u c it ul realise its the dogs had to have it ha ha.gunna do engine to 250ish bhp ktec racing will sort out all mods.For the people who were asking about the insurance well they offered me 5 years no claims if i kept with them for next year that wud b about £1500 fc 4 a new 172 !!! good or what.mite do it