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Whats the diff. between the dci65 & dci80


Lads what is the difference between the two engines? Is it simply just a chip etc or whats the story with the engines?

Any renault mechanics etc on site who would know ?

well its probably exactly the same ecu just a different mapping.... i just say chip coz these new fangled dangled ecus and a bit tooo much like a computer now they have eprom

I cant figure it out either, Extra BHP and extra fuel economy.

More speed + less fuel.

I gotta get me one of those ecus for mine lol :D

So lads i think i should be getting an intercooler and chip then to get my own up to speed then get her chipped to over 100bhp?

Do you know if the dci65 engine is running a higher boost on the turbo as the waste gate is easy to reach at the back of the engine.

Do you also know if the dci65 is ready to accept an intercooler ie is there much i would have to get fabricated myself?

@cupsize lol very funny