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What's the purpose of this bolt....

Little Newms

ClioSport Club Member
  182, D2 Td5 & 840CI
I have just found the bolt shown circled jumping about when the engine is running...

Basically it's lost its thread somehow!!! Is the car still safe to drive to a garage or what? :dapprove:



  Focus TDCi
Your engine is different from mine, but it looks like it's for the engine mount? If it is I imagine you'll have a bit of unwanted noise and vibration.. somebody else should know for sure though.
  ITB'd MK1
that's the top engine cover/mount bracket. I've seen a couple strip threads, but if you fit a longer bolt there's normally enough there to hold it quite strong enough

Little Newms

ClioSport Club Member
  182, D2 Td5 & 840CI
I have no idea what the part is called... Any ideas?

I actually have a brand new upper engine mount but its obviously not that part!
Just for the record

Cam cover bolt has been overtightened - common fault nothing to worry about if yours is the same. There £15 + vat from us and i will supply the bolt