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What's this rattle in my engine ? Lol

  Clio 172
Hi guys , ever since I had an oil change I seem to have developed this rattle , well my car has , who knows what this is ?!!! .... No really , who does know . It's a high pitched rattle that doesn't increase when you rev the engine . Answers on a post card too .... Or just post on here lol .

  Clio 172
New water pump and dephaser etc in dec mate , i don't think it's a bottom end knock cos it's a constant noice .... lol
Does sound like the waterpump tbh from experience. One of the other pulleys (AC/PAS) maybe?
Sounds a little bit like the sound I had, it can be the tensioner for the cambelt set the wrong way. Mine was set fine but still ticked and rattled, a new cambelt kit sorted it.
  Clio sport 172 cup
I had a rattle from my engine bay that sounded similar and it turned out to be the fuel rail cover on the front was loose might be worth a check see if it's tight?