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Whats wrong with my clio?

  2000 Clio 172

Over the last few days I have noticed when turning left there is a creaking grinding noise. Didnt think to much of it as it was quiet. Just come back from my parents and it has got much worse to the point where its very loud and sounds like a grinding/chugging noise.

I have a feeling its the wheel bearing? My friend was say in the back and said its much louder in the back than the front.
Does this sound right?


Edit - Oh and the ABS light has come on during my drive also....


ClioSport Club Member
  Focus ST225, Focus E
Prob will be a wheel bearing mate jack up the car and spin the wheels and tht might tell you
  ph1 172
if the noise only appears when turning its probably a worn cv joint, worn wheel bearing is usually a constant humming sound.