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Wheel advice. HELP!

  clio williams, Ph1 172

Can someone please give me some advice.
Ive been offered these wheels. 16 Inch Ronals from a Seat Ibiza. £150 they are. They should go on my 16V shouldnt they? I know its a bit weird fitting them on a clio but i was gonna probably get them painted gold as my clio is williams blue.
What you lot reckon?

They are white 12 spoke design
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Come on. someone give me some advice. Ive got 16 inch venoms at the moment and need a change. I know the studs should fir but i dunno about the offset.
I have a pic of them on the car they are off. How you get it up on the forum?

You upload it to some webspace and then use the example above to put it on the forum. I am sure your isp would supply you with this.

If you have any trouble, you could e-mail me on <a target="_blank" href=" and I will gladly host them for you.


well is the stud pattern is the same they will go on but if the offset deviates too much from the factory 35mm you will have sterring problems and judder and possible too much strain on the wheel bearings

  clio williams, Ph1 172

Stud patterns the same im pretty certain. They came off a Seat Ibiza and the bloke whos sellin em had em on a honda civic which is well low. They should be the same as volkswagen fitment i think. Anyone else know? I really fancy them. They are well cheap and look pretty good. Will especially in gold i bet.

If the offset is too far off the factory figure I wouldnt bother m8. they might look good but it would make the car less enjoyable (spelling) to drive. Ive fitted SuperLs and they seemed to have given the car more torque steer, it maybe cause the tyres wherent as good as the old ones tho.

  clio williams, Ph1 172

The bloke who has them tried them on a new shape clio and they didnt fit. I guess that means they wont go on mine ( back to the search for new wheels. Somebody sell me some. I want either a nice set of 17s, williams wheels or replicas, or maybe 16s if the price is right. Im just not keen on my venoms. they look pretty good but im not really a TSW fan anyway.