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wheel bearing

  ph1 172
over the past 1000 miles my wheel bearing noise has been getting louder so i decided to jack it up to work out which one it is.

the two rears seemed fine which was annoying. the the OSF didnt appear to make any noise when spun up and no play.

the NSF however didnt spin freely. took the wheel off and gave the caliper a yank about to loosen the brakes but even then it still feel a bit tight.

now clearly the caliper is a bit sticky but could the bearing be seizing up or something? it doesnt make any noise when spun up and doesnt have any play.

Unfortunatly i dont have any tools up north with me so i dont know what to do!

The bearing is very quiet below about 40mph, so do you recon it'll be ok for a bit?
  RRS, 172, ST3, VTS
If its starting to seize up you would be best changing it asap.. Best bet is to remove the caliper and see if its the actual bearing that is seizing.
  RRS, 172, ST3, VTS
No you dont, remove the wheel and youll actually be able to remove the rear pads, no tools really needed, maybe a screwdriver and a pointy nose pliers for putting the retainer clip back in.
  RRS, 172, ST3, VTS
ooo thats what i get for not reading it.. You dont need an allen key for the front either, just a socket and and spanner or two sockets.


ClioSport Club Member
On my ph2 you need 13mm for the nut and a 17mm spanner holding the bit it screws into still.

You should be able to push the piston in without removing the caliper though and then you'd be able to see whether it was the brakes or the bearing. Just pull the caliper towards you and the piston should go in very slowly.