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Wheel colour....

  PH1 172
Ok so I'm going to bore everybody who reads this with my dilemma , a lad a work curbed my wheel pretty badly so I'm just going to paint all 4 as they all have slight damage from either stones rattling round the dish or retarded tyre fitters. Here's the damaged one incase anybody wants to laugh.


Recently painted the car grey out of boredom and I'm not convinced the bronze really works now so wanted some opinions ,

Heres a side shot of the car (pretty s**t) if anybody famcies photoshopping different colours.


Mum thinking Audi lava grey (pretty dark and full of coarse metallic) with a satin finish, possibly a colour coded lip aswel?

If anybody could shop it I would offer a free hug at FCS or CSS (not both, greedy!)

Any other suggestions welcome , hit me
  PH1 172
Also please ignore the random letters missing and where it says 'mum' ,for some strange reason my phone thought it would be funny.
  Superleggera'd Bean
Same colour as the roof and bonnet.

Also that's not curbing, he f**king dremeled the lip!
  Fiesta ST-3
I'm not sure what colour exactly, but with the correct colour choice and a little bit of tinkering with the ride height that will look AWESOME.


ClioSport Club Member
Roof and the bonnet grey and then the wheels cherry red...

  PH1 172
Love the red, can get a nearly anodised red-colour off a Suzuki....but I think if I ever wanted to sell the car I would struggle with red 'hoops.
  PH1 172
Not man enough for red, tiny balls :(

There all prepped at work now... Still no idea what colour to do them tho... And times ticking !

Also for the record , the bonnets carbon , only did the roof black to try and keep the black/carbon theme but I agree the roof looks s**t. Begrudge painting the carbon bonnet tho as it will look shocking painted.
  Clio Dci65
Im getting my 172 alloys bronze next weekend there all ready to be painted, should look good my clios sliver, id go with bronze tbh be different.