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Wheels for cup

Can anyone please tell me where I can purchase a new wheel for my 172 Cup. I kerbed it last night and Im gutted. Ive only done 1500 miles. If so any ideas on how much? web-site etc?

Also do any other 172/cup owners experiene a very tinny rattling noise on tickover? about 750rpm?

Top car and I love it - I actually enjoy getting up for work now (so I can drive the cup!) and getting home a bit more rapidly


Yeah its the heatshield/exhaust centre section that vibrates at about 4000rpm - get the wheel refurbed -cheaper than a new one - or else buy a new one of renault and use the kerbed one as a spare in the jboot - kinda defeats the purpose of buying the cup though

I had the same problem but Reno were the culprets....

So they bought me a spare and now I have spare wheel at Home in the Garage as we dont want to carry all thay weight around do we!

There about £140..from memory!