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When parking in car parks do you...

  320d M Sport

.... park miles away from other cars? I always do in case they open their door on P44DYS and dent it!:mad:

Thing is each time i do it i get funny looks from anyone whos around!!! Dead annoying but Ive seen stupid ( :p) people let their doors slam into the car next to theirs TOO many times.

i have tried this but no matter where i park some prat always parks next to me - the car is like a bloody magnet. all the car park is empty when i leave my car when i come back no matter how empty the car park there is always one parked next door.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I usually try to park next to a nice car that looks like its owner takes care of it. If only there were more of them about!

yeah park next to mercs or bms as their owners love them so much cause theyre soooooo far up theyre own asses and ull be safe

Quote: Originally posted by telford_mike on 02 February 2003

I usually try to park next to a nice car that looks like its owner takes care of it. If only there were more of them about!
exactly wot i do for several reasons;

1. any thief would break into their car b4 mine

2. they take care getting in and out they dont like bashing their own doors

3. cars on their own seem to get broken into more, with 2 or 3 cars the proberbilty of some1 returning is higher

however when i come back the nice car i have parked next to has gone and a nova has gladly taken the spot 6 inches over the line and looking as if its been abondoned. :mad:

lol, point one? nah they are more likely to break into urs cos they will think that u aint gonna have as gooder security as the bm or the merc, lol


I usually reverse into a space and park back as far as I can, rather have dents in the doors than the rear quarters if I can help it. Also, NEVER park next to MPVs or anything with a child seat in the back as these people usually need to open their doors wider to put baby/child in. Also these people are far more likely to leave a trolley in the middle of the carpark that could hit your car.

I have worked in supermarket before and learnt the hard way !


i think that most thiefs no that people who love their cars get cliffords or sumut. so if its a big car park wouldnt bother with myn:cry:

i tend to park mine beside the most expensive lookig cars there...if theres an option between parking between a capri and a metro or a beamer and a merc ..i know where my babys going!!

but on the otehr hand most BMs and mercs are company cars anyway and people dont care about them much so its probably a bad place to park it!
  320d M Sport

Most cars (in car parks) actually get nicked when another car is parked next to em so the thief can hide in between them. If you leave your car in the open theyll be spotted much easier. Some insurers actually used to give a discount for Cosworth drivers who left their car on a drive rather than garage, crazy or what?!!

But yeah, no matter where i park SOMEONE always parks next to it, wonder if its cos they like the motor???

Since getting the Williams Ive been using 2 parking spaces to park in (if the room has been available). Selfish, yes, but.....ummm.....I dont care! Every car Ive ever had has ended up with dents in the door caused by careless idiots and it is NOT going to happen to the Willy.

  Clio 197

If I ever see a car taking up two spaces, I park right next to the drivers door. I think that is one of the most selfish things anyone can do, next to parking in the handicapped spaces. I dont care if the car is a banger or a Ferrari. Its just a car!

eddd, how can u say a car is just a car? ur among car fanatics here and u got a willy so u obvioulsy see a car as more than a car.

i just park between 2 spaces cos that way ur problem is solved, sod the gits who stare at u cos u know ur car wil be in the same condiiton as when you left it.
  2012 WRX Waggon

I try never to take mine into Carpark, if I need to go shopping, I borrow the wife A4, which Ps her off as its only 9 month old- at least we dont have to pay if some fool dinks it.

What really annoys me are the tools who park so close u gotta climb in through the passenger side.


  Shiny red R32

I park as far away from the main entrance as I can and always try to get right on the end of a row, or as far away from other cars as I can.
  Clio 200 FF

yeh taking 2 spaces is very selfish and inconsiderate wich is why i either use a mother and baby or disabled space :devilish: well they have a lot more room......

Eddd - I did say "when room available"! And its yes it is just a car, one that I dont want to have to keep forking out £80 to have dents pulled out of it. So there! ;)

I do my very best not to park in car parks, but when I have to, I look for spaces at the end of the row. That means I can park away from the one car to my side without disturbing anyone else.

I mostly use my bike/the train etc. Ive not used my car in about 2 months now - back on the road this week I hope.
  Clio 197

Too many times I have driven around a carpark looking for a space only to find that some arse has taken two spaces for his "special" car. Whether the car park was empty when he parked, half full, or if those were the last two spaces available doesnt matter to me. He is being selfish and depriving me of an otherwise available space.

If at all possible I will squeeze into the space next to his drivers door to teach him a lesson. If not Ill continue circling the carpark with my blood pressure slowly rising.

Many parking garages will charge double if you are caught taking two spaces. That is only fair, but still it can mean tha some poor bugger is driving around looking for a space that isn there.

By all means take care in parking your precious car, but think of the rights of others as well.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Agree with Eddd, parking in two spaces is selfish, the doors will be dented eventually anyway, or keyed like mine was when you are no where near any other cars. Usually I park a bit further away and hope that no one parks too close, and avoid nasty car parks when possible.

when its not that busy i park diagonally across 2 parking spaces, plenty of room to get in and out and no chance of opening a door into you :)
  BMW 320d Sport

The best way is to never park anywhere with your Clio out of your sight! Just drive an old banger around the whole time and use the Clio on the weekends just for fun!

if tis a free carpark like tesco or homebase then i pinch two spaces cos theres always lodsa spares but if its one where u have to pay i just take one and if poss the end one so i can park as near to the edge as poss, its saved my car not a single car park dent, and those mother n child spaces are rather handy!


  Shiny red R32

Quote: Originally posted by Robby on 02 February 2003

yeh taking 2 spaces is very selfish and inconsiderate wich is why i either use a mother and baby or disabled space :devilish: well they have a lot more room......
Now who is being selfish Robby??

If you arent disabled and dont have children, you shouldnt be parking in those spaces which are not designated for you!!

  Clio 197

Hey, I love cars as much as anyone, perhaps even more than most. I have raced and rallied and owned some special cars and really appreciate others who care for their cars. I also take my car out on the ring every week. If I am willing to thrash the hell out of it on a regular basis and risk rolling it into a ball, which has happened more than once, why should I worry about somebody opening a door against it. It is a risk that I accept.

How would you feel if everybody else decided that they would all take up two spaces and there was no room for you to park?

The lines delineating the parking spaces are there for a reason. Just like the lines on the road, they are to be respected. There is a certain etiquette to be observed. I make sure I dont open my doors against other cars and hope that they do the same.

To drive your car into a public space and take up double the allocated area to park is churlish and bad manners if nothing else. Chances are that if you are diriving a Clio, it is worth less than many of the motors parked in a proper manner.


  Shiny red R32

Apart from the parking spaces at Costco, all other car park spaces are far too narrow and should be at least a foot wider. It is obvious that the closer the lines are painted, the more cars a store hopes to get parked.

anyone else find the gf moaning about the extra walk?? everytime me and my ex used to go to the cinema shed moan like hell why cant we park near the other cars especially when it was raining lol

I say use 2 spaces....selfish or not....its selfish of the git that parks next to you and slams his/her door against your pride and joy. I for one will always use the mother and baby parking at a supermarket....Why should they be so priviedged? I didnt ask them to have the kids . I will draw the line at disabled parking though. Maybe we should lobby parliament for Clio Only parking zones?.


i reckon it boils down to the fact there trying to cram in just too many cars into a smallest area as possible one big car next to you and your knakered (jag or a big beemer next to you and they cant even open there doors without going half into the next space) , my local ncp carpark has sum amusing spaces its actually got painted on them MINIS only and yep they mean the good old mini lol
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

I use the comapny car if I have to go anywhere that has car parks !!

I only use the Willy at weekends or iF iM GOING SOMEWHERE that i dont need to use a car park !!

To many 4x4s around these days with b*****d little kids who just fling the doors open and dent your car to bits. Dont ya just love kids !Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr f**kers !!

Great topic!

This is the basis of many conversations people have with me. Im obsessive about where Ill put my car. People really cannot believe the lengths I go to to protect my car from parking dents.

While the rat race are rushing to get one of the special close by spaces at the front of the staff car park at work, Im meandering from the far corner of the car park, with my car parked right on the end of a row. I get away with the more than one space thing, because I parked very slightly into a hatched space, just to give mr or mrs careless more room if they do happen to park next to me and throw their door open without looking.

Its even worse when Im on lates or nights because I get to park on-site in the managers car park. This is awful because most of the cars are company Vectras and Mudaneos and most company car drivers couldnt give a stuff. It gets to the point where Im working out where their drivers door will be and park appropriately so that they dont hit it. If all else fails, I park next to one of the directors cars which are generally very nice and they tend to be careful.

I think I verge on the obsessive and paranoid side. I refuse to park in multi-story car parks and I worry about my car while Im gone if I have to leave it anywhere. At least its free of dents for the time being though!!


  Shiny red R32

I am like you mikeherts, I dont even like leaving my car in the garage for its service, just in case the mechanics mark it.

The best thing when leaving your car for a service / whatever, is to get someone from the garage to walk round your car with you, so that they can see that it is unmarked, then do the same again before you take it off the premises.

If they can see that you are obsessive about your car, they will look after it too as they will realise that if it gets damaged whilst in their care, that they will have to put it right!!


he he my car went in the garage this week and i made the garage owner inspect my car for dents, scratches and to agree the wheels were un-marked. so if i came back and there was anythin wrong with it he would have responsibility:devilish: is this 2 over the top?