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Where to buy a reverse light switch please?

  Renault Clio 172 Cup
So my reverse lights have stopped working and my first thought is to change the reverse light switch as i had the same problem on my previous car!

I've looked on ebay and messaged a few sellers with my reg number etc and they have come back saying they don't have a switch for a 172 cup??|Cars+Type:2.0+16V+Sport&hash=item2c7aa89455

Or would this from euro car parts be ok?

Surely one of these will fit? There wont be a different part for a normal 172 and 172 cup will there?

If anyone has ever bought one for a 172 cup can you please direct me in the right direction! Cheers!
Mine didn't work when i bought the car. Cleaned the electrical conector for the switch and a spot of WD40, have worked fine since.
  Renault Clio 172 Cup
So I'll have to ring renault then Fred? Any idea of the price they charge? When removing the old one does the gearbox oil come out??