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Where to install boost gauge in mk2 Clio ph2?

In readiness for my DCi project, I am wondering where to install the boost gauge, does anyone have any pics, info, tips etc please?

I have seen a Portugese DCi with the mid upper dash display unit removed & a 2 gauge pod fitted which looked quite nice, but does anyone know of any other possibilities?

As OEM / standard a look possible is the order of the day!

Thanks for the suggestion. I've had a thought about mounting 2 gauges side by side where the digital display is at the top of the dash. I know it will require a bit of work, but I imagine someone must have done something similar to this in the past?

Can anyone shedsome light?

Muchos thanks.
  clio 1.5 DCI 80
im doing this at the minute, im currently waiting for the pods from china but when ive done it, ill post pics... :)
Like this :p

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