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Where to Mount Origin B2 In Mk I 172

do you still have the standard stereo?

if you do... then get the B2 mount, and simply slide it in the gap between the bottom of the stereo and the silver surround.

It slots in there perfectly, and is nice and easy to remove and looks smart too.

If you dont have the standard stereo, then i dont know cos i havent used mine since changing stereos, mainly cos i had nowhere to put the thing

Im gonna stop talking now

cheers, Dan.
  Mr2 Roadster


Im guessing you are talking of the standard mounting you get with the B2?

If so then it just sits in front of the stereo?

when youre not using it, just chuck the whole lot in the glove box where the rest of the cables feed through.
  Mr2 Roadster

Thank you, makes sense now!

Yep the take deck is mega gay so I could cover it like that and feed the wire down the side. I had a cool install in my golf as I mounted it in a blower hole and removed the upright parts fo them. I was able to feed the wire into the hole and hide it is that makes sense!

Thanks again!

  V6 Exige, GTR R35

I put mine just towards the driver in front of the driver side tweeter on the dash. managed to wire the thing up under the steering column and the wires are all hidden in the rubber door seal on the inside..... just used the tilting bracket supplied. found when its there it isnt in your face but if it does go off it catches your attention straight away!