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Which one

max power was once good, it is now riddled with stupid 12year old jokes and to be honest, pretty crap cars. If ive seen one corsa, im seen them all.

I quite like fastcar, revs is also good.
  BMW 320d Sport

Dont really like either. Revs is about the only one of those sort of mags that I read, cos they still do good DIY modding stuff in them. The others seem to be for people who pay others to do the work for them then want to bask in the glory.

Though even Revs is getting a bit top shelf now. A shame really cos that I think was what set it apart from the others. Mainly I read Revs, CCC, Autocar, Car Mechanics Weekly has some good features occasionally. Performance GTi should be good once they start to reissue it. Dont read Evo mainly for the same reason that I dont ever want to drive a BMW.