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Which replacement wipers


Thinking of getting some new wipers for my 172, as the standard ones are really peeing me off - they dont seem to make full contact with the glass across the width of the blade, as it looks like they smearing instead of clearing the water away.

Would buying some better ones, such as bosch, make much of a difference?

Has anyone found where to buy the new bosch aerotwin blades yet?

Many thanks,



because renaults by default are left-hand drive, so to them the wipers are the right way round... reno cant be bothered to make a rhd version for us.

Remember seeing this on wathdog when a woman whod bought a new pug 206 complained the wipers didnt clear the snow off of her windscreen properly.


Get some new wipers but also clean your windscreen and wipers regular, nearly every day. Use Autoggym Fast Glass or something similar. This will look as if the windscreen has been waxed and hopefully the rain "should" just fall/roll off. Unfortunatly cleaning your windscreen every day is a bore, but try and keep it up.

You will not regret it!

The LHD clios have standard wipers, where as the RHD have the same wipers and direction but with that "corner reaching mechanism" on the drivers side. Another renault cost saver.

Try to replace your wipers every year. But do not get those replacement slide-on-blades, they are no good, get the whole wiper