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Which speakers


Can anyone recommend decent upgraded door / rear quarter speakers for 172/cup, that sound good, will fit with zero hassle and dont have 800 kilo magnets on the back of them!?

my budget is limited to about £100.
  One with a few more

Iirc, JL are bringing out a new range of slim line ones. check out caraudiodirect. co . uk they have mounting depths on the site. anything up to 60mm should be fine

Just steer clear of the JBL ones, about 40 quid a pair they sound sh*te with the standard head unit . i know i spent an hour fitting them only to put the standard ones back in
  One with a few more

I know not everyones and audio head like me, bu if i was you and had room to spare in boot, under seat etc, and if you had any extra cash, then Id think about a new h/u to run them off. possibly even a new h/u (nothing too pricey just nice) and a cheap amp.

Its just that you cant get a good sound out of uprated speakers until you amp them tbh, and the output of the original renault h/u is so minimal I doubt youll notice much diff. wih new ones