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Which Springs for my Cup?

When I sold my GTi to buy the Cup I said I wouldn't touch the suspension, but 2 months on I'm getting that bloody itch again.

Currently have Eibach springs and Koni shocks, but I want to go lower without spending £££'s

So, I think I'll keep the Koni shocks, and replace the springs - But which ones, (spax? gmax?) and how low should I go? (40mm all round? 60mm all round? 40/60mm?)

Here's a side shot of it as it stands today:


This was the GTi's ride height (50mm on spax)


I really would appreciate some guideance on what would look best for me.


ClioSport Club Member
The 40mm apex's look about right but apparently they're awful in terms of handling and ride height.

If it was me, the only thing I'd look at in terms of springs would be from these guys:

Custom made so you could have them made up to give you the height you wanted. If you did some research into what lb would be best they'd handle mint too :) IIRC you're be looking at just over 100 quid for a set of 4 springs.

Little Newms

ClioSport Club Member
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I have Apex springs with the koni adjustable shocks on my ph1 right now and imo i cant tell the diff' to when i had H&R coilovers....

Here is your car on 40mm Apex springs ;) LOL!




The last two is when they were first fitted so they settled a bit more

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i would go for apex as an all round winner.
firm ride, not over harsh tho. and looks better than any other springs


ClioSport Club Member
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the ride with apex and koni is dreadful

i swapped mine for pro lines

would look at sport lines with koni shocks