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which type pads, mk1 rsi

friend needs to know what type of pads for his 1995 mk1 1.8 8v rsi

I'm thinking its girling but the place he went said it could be one of four different ones

anyone know for sure or does he need to look at the caliper etc

its the front brakes he's changing


  BMW M3 & Williams 3
Yes, the front calipers are Lucus Girling, with single piston sliding caliper, the disk diameter is 238mm (Valver is 259mm) and the disk thickness (new) is 20mm.

When you change them, undo the lower caliper guide bolt and swivel it up, change pads, then redo the guide bolt up with 35Nm of torque.

Think i covered everything there lol..


  BMW M3 & Williams 3
Just go to Halfords and use there guide there and buy some Mintex pads, they are very good.
he went to halfords and they looked on their computer and said it was a choice of 4 types and he needed to know himself what type they were


  BMW M3 & Williams 3
Dunno what the bloke it on about, just use the paper guides by the pads to find the code or go to a local motor factors and just tell them your car, they will have the pads within seconds.
right 1, why are you using a guy that goes to halfords?

2. Never trust anything halfords sells, oil turns out to be car shampoo etc.

3. there is only 1 type of girling/lucas pads for mk1's. Only the mks and laguna etc used either style of the girling/lucas calipers, 1 is 259 and the other 262.

4. local factors you need some girling pads for an rsi/1.4 up 19/16V all the same pad, pay your 15 quid and leave.