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Who can host my RR graph pics

Finally got a pic done of the graph, whoopee! it still isnt great but is readable!

Whos gonna host it for us!

Note this is connected to the other post, "cup RR Results"




  Audi TT Stronic

send to"> and I will put it up for you.

rich i appreciate your comments fella, you seem to know what you were talkin bout, so do these pics look bout right to you?


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Yeah, it is a bit blurred, but I get the idea.

The torque curve seems odd though... It rises & falls across the revs, rather than steadily building and dropping off as it peaks, which is what Id expect.

However, this is the Superchips graph for the 172 >>>

As you can see it also has a similar "wavy" torque curve (if you squash the axes up on your graph to match), so not a problem as it seems this is normal for a 172.

There is also a bit of a spike in the power curve at about 4500rpm, which is the point where the engine is coming on song and the fun starts!

Power seems to gradually tail of as it peaks, wheras my 306 power seems to flatline as it peaks, as though it is restricted. If it was to keep going at the same rate I would be very happy!

This is one of 306 Rallyes RR printouts >>>
*(note - figures measured @ wheels)

As you can see, they are quite different!

There is a 16% loss (Pug figure) for that gearbox, so works out as being 169bhp @ fly, which is +2bhp from the "alleged" factory figure.
Not bad for a bog standard car, with a dirty air filter too, so will lose a couple of bhp from that. But, like the Cup, the Rallye is rumoured to have a bit more power as standard. The car runs on Optimax.

However, I ran it again on the same RR, no the same day, this time with a Peugeot Sport Group N air filter (replacement element) and no other changes.

This is what happened (both on same axes) >>>
*(note - figures measured @ wheels)

There was an increase in both power & torque (with smoother torque band) throughout the rev range and a peak difference of +9bhp @ wheels!!! :eek:

My mates modded GTi-6 (induction kit, chip, de-cat & zorst) also ran that day and he only managed 149bhp @ wheels, so was not happy!

After weve added the transmission loss, that is 179bhp @ fly!!! :D

So... why are your Cup and my Rallye making more power than they should?!

can i just ask the really basic q - how do you explain simply in words the diff between torque and bhp? i know in my head the diff, but my mate asked me to explain it the other day and i couldnt!

so how much torque you can apply in one second? im usign the analogy here of using a torque would the bhp (dont laugh!) of your body be the total amount of torque applied in one second? isnt torque an ever changing value though?

i think i may have misunderstood!