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Who does temporary insurance eg 1 week

  Mk2 Golf GTI

Im gonna need to go and pick up a car possibly next week but i want to insure it for the day as its 140 miles away from me and dont wanna risk driving back uninsured.

Anyone know where does this sort of temporary cover?


Yeah current insurance will cover it matey,just insured my brothers warrior for the week.

£15 so cant grumble
  Mk2 Golf GTI

Im with Renault and they are arseholes though. Its possibly (touch wood) gonna be a golf gti 8v that ill be driving and they wont cover me until im 21



I sorted my dads insurance out earlier as he is away in the states.

His new car will be covered from the 22nd of this month so it can be taxed, and they will also cover his old car from the 22nd to the 25th so that he can use it when he gets back to drive over and collect the new car on the 24th.

Your own insurance company should sort it, but as you say, it looks like age isnt on your side.