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Who has fitted a ph1 airbox to there ph2 172 or 182 ???

  Za**** & Xr250R
As above i've got a a 182 and can't seem to find anywhere to put the rubber strap on can anyone tell take any pic's of one fitted and tell me where to strap it please ????

Thank's :)


ClioSport Club Member
You got the bracket???

I had one with the Bracket that was only attached at the top and it sit and worked fine
  Za**** & Xr250R
Really :) Doesn't it knock about when driving ???

I've got the standard rubber strap that is fitted on the ph1 and there's knowhere to clpi the bottom half :S
  Lots of Alfas
You can get away with it sitting there, otherwise find the bracket the strap clips onto, the bracket is a metal piece running down the side of the battery. Make sure the top rad coolant pipe has something to protect it as the airbox can rub on the pipe and split it.


ClioSport Club Member
  182 + 330d
No strap on my V6 box, it does rub slightly on the battery but it isnt going to cause a huge issue.
  Za**** & Xr250R
I'm going to make a custom bracket i couldn't handle the noise of it rubbing and just the fact i know it's not attachted to anything would seriously get to me lol

Thank's for all the replies :)