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Who knows about extendable storage? Android


ClioSport Club Member
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Hello, hello! So I've been running my Nokia 8.3 since January. Camera is fantastic for the car pics! Been ok so far bar the camera app playing up, seemed ok after a reset. It slowed up the last week, being really annoying to use. Even writing a txt took ages, it had an update Friday night and now works perfect.

I'd like to get more storage, but I've no clue which is best. I've read the Samsung Evo cards are best? How do I know what card is compatible? My phone is only the 64gb model.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

Mashed up Egg in a cup

ClioSport Club Member
Should just be a standard micro sd card dawn. “There is at least microSD support for cards up to 400GB,”

grab a 256gb Samsung Evo sd card and crack on. Or even a 128gb.