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Who said clios were expensive to insure?!


ClioSport Club Member
just renewed with Admiral (been with them since i turned 17!)

Clio 200, full comp, £500 excess, im 23yr old with 6yrs NCB - 12 month policy - £346 :)


aka Philomena Cunk aka Barry Shitpeas
ClioSport Club Member
  172, Golf PD130
What!!!? I'm 37 and pay £450 fully comp with 9years protected NCB.

I guess 200s are a hell of a lot cheaper to insure than a 10 year old 172.
  Cup 172
ive never seemed to have any issues with insurance - i was paying £750 on a 1.8 astra SRI at 19 ... now @ 20 im paying £1200 on my 172 - thats with admiral they tend to be decent ( until you phone them and cant understand a word they say)
  S4, Tamora, Conti GT
My Tvr is cheaper to insure than my Clio. Never found insurance to be particularly expensive. Must live in a decent postcode


ClioSport Club Member
200s are slow compared to a 172 tho, well a cup anyway

LOL. I take it you've never owned one...


just give him his moment with his silly quotes lol
  clio 172cup
they want £900 to insure my cup this year !

ive been with them since i was 17 too and will have 5yrs ncb ....not fair ! lol