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why is that tax on my 172 0nly £55

  audi a6 3.0tdi
Ive bought a mk1 172 its on a y plate and the tax disk says £55 this can not be right. how much does everyone else pay? all my old cars have been far more expensive than this.
  audi a6 3.0tdi
its not a fake disk got the original reciept from the post office. only thing i can think of is that the garage has some dodgy dealings with that post office. might go back there next time and hope for the best.
  audi a6 3.0tdi
probably just a mix up. shame really. thanks everyone at least now i know i have to pay twice that much cheers:(
  172 ph1
Look at the co2 figure on the v5 document. A 'Y' plate car tax is based on this, and it should be 189g/km.

£55 puts you in band C, so less than 150g/km
Could be an error with the car being registered with the DVLA as the incorrect model? i.e. DVLA think it's actually a 1.2???

According to a lot of insurance company's websites, my 172 is actually a Megane 225 (inputting my registration used to bring up the incorrect details)
Y reg will be before it went on co2 and will be on engine size or something.

Anyways it'll be 195 for a year or 96odd for 6 months (just taxed mine).
  audi a6 3.0tdi
had the car hpi checked before buying it, one owner from new no crashes definately a 172. might put 1.2 badges on and hope for the best. lol
  182 RB FF
I guess just wait for the tax renewal form to come through and see what that says...wish they made a mistake on mine :(
  Inferno 182 w/ Recaros ;)
I refused to buy 6 months. Why the f**k is it £15 more expensive than the equivilent if you bought 12 months? Tossers.