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Why on earth....

  7.6cc :D

I just rang my insurance (Direct Line) to find out how much extra i will have to pay to get Thomas lowered! expecting about £50.

The man has told me that if i carry out this modification then i will get £32 BACK.....whyyyyyyyyyyyy?

He couldnt understand either, he even got his supervisor to check it.

One explaination is that it will lower the value of the car, therefore if its stolen or written off, then i would get a lower pay out. This is the only thing i can think off.

Any one?
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

maybe its because if you make you car lower, then you will be able to park it behind certain walls and it will be completely out of sight, hence making it less likely to be stolen? lol.

£32 in, is much better than £50 out.



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

I think the de-value argument might hold up. A car salesman commented on one of mine once that "Theres a grand less for the butchered suspension"

I told him it was done by a proper firm but he didnt care who had done it.

It was their policy to automatically knock a grand off the used value if any lowering had been done.
  7.6cc :D

I agree dash but if you sell it privately i dont think it will matter much?

I am going to Hill power on saturday for 35mm lowering, cant wait
  BMW 320d Sport

Nice move Jilly, itll really handle well once youve dropped it a bit. Another thing that the insurance companies might not have thought of, but is good news for us, is that a lowered car is a harder to wheel clamp or to nick the wheels off - cos if its low enough a standard jack wont get under the sills.
  7.6cc :D

Will i have to buy a new jack then Nick?

Mr Hill says he wants to look at it first to tell what my offsett is???? because its on 17s, before he does anything.

He seemed like a lovely man
  320d M Sport

Hmm, are you sure theyre keeping youre policy running? IE that theyve not said the mod is unnacceptable so well stop your policy and give you £32 refund??? If not then I dont know what theyre playing at but Id get the guys name that you spoke to and ask them to put a clear note on your file, just in case theres any indemnity queries later on, that way they cant get out of it.
Strange one that????!

  7.6cc :D

I will Paddy, thanks for the advice.

When i ring to confirm the modification i will definately want a reason (they couldnt give me one this morning)
  7.6cc :D

Actually Paddy, thinking about it he read me the technical term they use for lowering mods over the phone so it is definately acceptable.

and i just paid them £1,150 so if i did cancel my policy i would hope to get more than £32 back



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio v6

Good point about the standard jack Nick. I never thought about that when I had mine lowered, so I imagine if I had a flat tyre I was in deep doo doo having a standard jack in the boot.

Do the lowering centers make a point of mentioning this to customers and sell them special jacks for lowered cars?
  172 sport,

tried to use my standard jack once and bent the sill launched it at a wall dont have one now did get a wheelbrace with a set of wheels once trouble was it was a 17mm for the new studs but the new lockers they supplied were 19mm so it was all a bit pointless really