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whys the ABS comeing on?

  clio 172 mk2
hey me clio 172 has recently developed a small problem.When comeing to a stop at slow speeds the ABS is comeing on jus before the car has stopped.doesnt matter if its wet or dry an the tyres are all fine. Its recently had new brakes all round bout 6 weeks ago and had no problems or lights on the dash,up until this ABS problem started bout a week ago.any ideas???
  CLIO PH1 172
its just that i had the same problem, and as you did i used my old abs ring. i think i may have stretched it when i took it off the old disc so now i can here it spinning i will be taking it all apart tomorrow to hopfully solve the problem. by fitting new abs ring.

again same as you it didnt happen straight after fitting but maybe 3 - 4 weeks after ??

just a thought?
  clio 172 mk2
Any chance you could get on tomz an let me know how it goes please.if it fix's it id like to know.suppose theres a lesson,there should of jus got new rings fitted as same time.cheers ma mon
  2003 Clio 172
ABS rings.....

I Used to get this all the time.

One of the front rings had a micro crack in it, cost £10 to replace with cheapo ebay ones. Problem solved

  clio 172 mk2
The lad that did me brakes said summit about a sensor on the front drive shaft?? but ABS rings seems to be the what every1s saying.
Good idea to replace them all round then i guess?