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Will 195/50/r15 wheels fit my Clio 2 Ph1 Grande X reg

  Clio 2 Ph1 Grande
Im sure this has been asked many times before but i dont want to spend all day searching forum posts, ive got some 15" rims on tose tyres specified and would like to know if they'd fit my x reg clio grande without any issues, its not lowered at all.
  Clio 2 Ph1 Grande
As above...

Make sure the wheels have 4x100 Bolt spacing though (measure across diagonals the bolt holes from center to center it should be 100)

Yeah i checked the alloys are 4x100 its just last time i got some that were also 4x100 they didnt fit the centre bore
Also make sure the centre bore is 60.1mm (the bit what the centre cap sits in) if its bigger you will need spigot rings