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Will the 172 Cup become a future classic?


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In recent years we've seen a steady rise in the prices of all clean Clio 1*2's, but most notably the 172 Cup. Just earlier this year a Cup on 50k miles sold for north of £8k.

What's fascinating is that this always seems to split the forum in half, with some welcoming a rise in prices and others turning their nose up at the idea that anyone would be willing to spend that much on an old mass-produced French hatchback. Some call it 'Cup' tax. Ultimately though it comes down to the old 'it's worth what someones willing to pay'.

With that in mind, as they become harder to find on low miles, low owners and in OEM trim, will the 172 Cup become a future classic? What are your thoughts? The cup in my video is currently on collecting cars and has just 46k miles & 3 owners from new.

Disclaimer. I am not a motor journalist, just a guy with a camera who wants to create videos that create discussions.


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  Whichever has fuel
Absolutely. They are literally following the 205 gti’s footsteps.

Bought new by enthusiasts, at around 2-5 years old used and abused by yobs with money, then the scrotes drove them in to the ground, then the track boys got hold of them.

now the 205 is the holy grail.

another 10 years and the 172 Cup will be too.


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Been discussed several times already, is well know which ones would be worth decent money in the future, high value Mk2 models;

182 Trophy
172 Cup

Money in clean low mile examples of the less sought after models also.
They are all going up in value as has been discussed multiple times on multiple threads. But I don’t see Trophy or Cups going particularly higher than the cleanest variants are now, especially if you use 205’s as an example. They are probably at their highest value point now and similar money to a trophy. I think the biggest value is in clean 182’s. These can still be bought for reasonable money and will head upwards in value. To me Cup and Trophy models will always be worth more, much like p1.5 Miami blue 205’s or sorrento/Lazer green 205’s used to fetch a premium. But from investment perspective based on what we can see at the moment, I’d be buying the best 182 I could find and locking it away. It’s important not to forget the value of nostalgia, more people actually owned standard 182’s and they are the people in the future who want to relive their yoof.