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Williams.. are they reliable

  Laguna 2, Westfield

People who have williams, how many miles have you done in them since you bought them, and whats the mileage on them now ?

what things have you had to replace/fix...? and approx price of the parts if you can rememeber .??

Cheers peeps.. :)
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

bought at 64k, now on 82k, had to replace top strut mount, fan switch, power steering belt....

strut mount was £100ish, fan switch and belt were £150ish for the both? Cant remember lol. All at Renault

Also... GEARBOX lol, prob costin £700ish for a rebuild this week...

But then u knew all this already :p lol

they are getting on a bit now and they are williams, so despite ehat the owners might say, thrashed is a word....but they are still ace and new parts will serve a long time......
  clio 20v

i dont think they are any less reliable than other cars its just all clio jobs tend to be expensive and its hard finding some1 who wants to work on the them

my valver hasnt been too bad, parts ive replaced that were knacked are clutch cable, rear discs and pads, anti roll bar link , front wheel bearing which i expected to go after fitting 17s and the gearbox which lasted only 60k

the williams boxes are stronger though,

mine gets a hammerin quite often as thats why i bought it and it s still goin strong i think its a brilliant car mk 1 clios rule hehe

Mark thinking of getting a Williams? I reckon your FRST is too mint for a swap though! Youd SO have to keep both.

(yea, I am the Daz who stood and spoke to you crazy people for ages at Trax :))

  Laguna 2, Westfield


Yes i am thinking about it, mint willy 3 has come up with low miles, and to say im tempted is an understatment lol, not sure about keeping both as i would have no use for both really.

I remember talking to you at trax yup, at that point you had only taken about 50000000 pictures on your camera lol :D

heh, That camera gets some use :)

Well, a Mint Willy 3 would be very nice.. Get Lous for a week when her Gearbox is done! :D Sure she wouldnt mind..

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Just cost me £270 for a full gearbox rebuild! Luckily it was already out the car and is to be fitted with the engine this week.
  Laguna 2, Westfield

Dunno if she would let me lol but im sure the car wouldnt have a problem with it, as it would be driven sensibly for once :D

You could try and persuade her for me ;)

Ive only had mine a few weeks but ive done about 1500+ miles. Ive got the old receipts and there is nothing major been done but it has only done 27,000 miles. Looking at the old receipts the costs are a bit higher than a Fiesta but not much. It seems from what Ive read on this forum a dogged thrashed fezzie will be cheaper to run than a similar clio. Thats why I went for a hopefully good one! The things I miss the most from my FRST over the Willie are the power (165bhp), everything inside the Fezzie felt a bit more solid and It had no rattles althoug the clios only got 2 that are soon to be sorted. I have got a few clunks underneath that happen occasionally. The Clio is better by a long way handling wise and I get loads of looks in it. The FRST has a far firmer suspension and Firm Recaros but the Willie has supportive but softish seats which makes it feel quite different to drive. The willie I have is very near in speed to my chipped Fiesta, I have been pleasently surprised. If all goes well I will be keeping my Willie for a long time - oh and so far ive had about 27mpg out of each tank of fuel. My Fezzie was 18-23mpg most of the time. Get a test drive - thats the best way.
  Clio 197

178,000km you do the math to get the Queens distance. 2600 miles on the ring. Good enough for me!

Still on the original dampers!
  williams and trophy

hehe iv had mine for 12 months. had 55k on it when i bought it and has only 64 on it rattles squeeks or anything.

its not done many miles since i got it..........................but theyv been hard ones.

the only thing thats let me down so far is the front springs breaking, which happens on evrything other than that not a pennies been spent on repairs
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

I bought mine on 62k and sold it recently on 70k.

The guy thats just bought it has had the gearbox fail on him. I had nothing go wrong with it at all.

  TT 225

Bought mine on 54500 last July - its on 62500 now. So far the gearbox has gone, n/s wheel bearing and the PAS pipe burst.

But to be honest i dont care and will keep on paying out for anything that breaks cos its such a great car (stupid maybe, buy hey) :)
  Laguna 2, Westfield

Gearboxes seem like they are made from cheese :confused:

Do you lot cain them in first gear alot ? or are they just weak ?

seems pretty crap that the boxes let go at 50k onwards :cry:

MarkRS, Im sure Lou cains hers in 1st...

and 2nd.

and 3rd.

and 4th.

and 5th..

and her gearbox lasted up to 80k.. so maybe its just a case of getting a good un. :)


well i got mine on 59k 18 months ago and its now done 77k. So far ive replaced the suspension for coilovers as the old shocks were worn, repalced brakes, gone through 4 drive shafts (two on each side), had to replaced gearbox as the diff went (which was caused by the last drive shaft going tits up), wheel bearing, bottom ball joints, indicator stork, wiper stork, both washer motors and a few other small bits and pieces. It does sound like alot but when u consider that its an 8 year old car thats now done 77k and probably had a reasonable amount of stick as well (wasnt then its not too bad at all. Plus i picked it up for a bargain price. You still cant beat em for a performance hatch and the prices are great at the minute.


I think the gearbox thing is just an extra that comes with the williams! Guarenteed to fall out by 80k or your money back!
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

grr Daz :p lol. Used to maybe, but when its fixed it#s being treated nicely

Think mine did well to last to 80k though :D

Got mine at 58k done 64k now. A set of Goodyear Eagle F1s is my only real expense so far touch wood. The drivers side door pin needs doing and I am replacing the exhaust gaskets and sealing ring (£20 all in) cause the exhaust seems really loud for just a magnex. But thats the lot so far plus a £70 oil change just to get the stamp in the book. Reckon on doing engine mounts soon and clutch cant last much longer but if you look after them theyre not as bad as people say. The trim all falls off and rattles so people think that they are unreliable even when they are running. Electrics are terrible but you just have to buy a multimeter and learn a new skill! I know I am tempting fate but as long as you look after them they are no worse than any other performance car and certainly not like the grale as evo say. If you have a mint FRST then you wont have too many problems running a mint williams.

Quote: Originally posted by Louise on 02 March 2003

bought at 64k, now on 82k, had to replace top strut mount, fan switch, power steering belt....

strut mount was £100ish, fan switch and belt were £150ish for the both? Cant remember lol. All at Renault

Also... GEARBOX lol, prob costin £700ish for a rebuild this week...

But then u knew all this already :p lol

Louise, what was the problem with your top strut mount before you had them replaced ie. what symptoms did you get??

  clio williams, Ph1 172

If they are anything like a 16V they aint that reliable. Mines done 69k and had quite a few problems. especially clutch cables! I still love em though
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

T. Ferrino, I had a bit of a knocking noise from the front suspension over bumps, and they picked up on it at a routine service. :)
  Revels Mum & Sister

My Valver is on 89K

HAd it 5 months. HAd to replace the Speedo cable thats it.

OHH and its in the garage at the moment. w**kered. Not sure either snapped cam or big end has gone.

Find out tomm. Other than that everything has been fine.