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williams plans

  mk2 172

been pondering this the last week, and now tonight having killed my clutch almost completely iv decided im gonna do a DIY overhaul as it will be in the garage, big brakes, engine evaluation and tidy, total strip out interior, lowered, and complete new transmission and steering rack. dont know how long this will take but in the words of JC im gonna have some "road burning dynamite" when its finished. also dreaming of a supercharger but im not that rich yet. gonna take an age cos im not a mechanic and the money will be spent slow but it will be worth it.

on a lighter note who wants there ass kickin by a VTS at york first:D
  mk2 172

john mate, mine comes as standard with 400bhp, got the optional burberry cap chucked in too, which adds a few horses estimed ET is 108mph from my calculations
  BMW 320d Sport

you better not be turning up in the saxo next season mate, its not gonna be much of a victory when I cane you over the 1/4 mile!
  mk2 172

lmao, saxo is gonna have a peco big bore which releases an extra 100bhp cos citroen restricted it, so thats about 240bhp per tonne, dont think its a forgone conclusion mate;)

Be nice getting an *honest* opinion of a saxo over the 1/4 mile now!

Think ill have to have a shot at york again when the season kicks off, wont i Jon, lol
  320d M Sport

Ill have a go!! Hopefully we can meet up sometime and give it a whirl? Nice to see the Williams getting pampered!! Should be a rocket when youre done?!

  BMW 320d Sport

LOL yeah I better watch out Craggy! On a more serious note though, are you gonna be campaigning the Willy once the 1/4 miling season starts again, or are you gonna be running the Saxo?
  mk2 172

depends if i win the lottery mate!, willy needs a lot of investment, if not be sure the sax will run......should be interesting adopting my amazing technique...;)
  williams and trophy

well im aiming for my mods to be done before june

so the willy will be running as it was last season for a while longer yet

so i spose id better get ready to be beaten by a standard saxo with 400 + bhp at the wheels lol
  BMW 320d Sport

No you got it all wrong Jon, its actually 85bhp at the wheels but with transmission loss that is actually around 400bhp *at the flywheel*;);)
  mk2 172

lmao, ps did you read that thread on ssc about the vts vs 172? what an epic tale that was, it had everything, sounded like the vts came on "boost" everytime it hit 4500 rpm pulling in it front of the 172:D
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

Good luck with doing up the Williams :D

Dont fancy another poorly Williams to fix for me, do ya?? lol