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willy specs

What is the actual 0-60 time and quarter mile time of the P1 Clio williams? It cant be 7.7 the same as the 16v
  mk2 172

low 7s to sixty and mid 15s 1/4 mile

problem with 0-60 in the williams is second gear only goes to 57 ish, so two changes needed

  mk2 172

adz, youll have to race 2 lives williams, came out the factory wilt about 190 bhp lol, i aint jokin either
  williams and trophy

well iv been lookin at craggys vids n i reckon 0-60 is around the 7 sec mark, maybe a bit below maybe just over..on a good start

but the 1/4 is completed in roughly 15.1-3 secs as an absolutely boggo car, zorst , cat tyres etc all as left factory, which is a full second quicker than the same standard valver(and driver)

with a couple of choice mods, namely being de-cat n k&n panel filter i managed to get 14.808, with the rest of the zorst being changed to a full powerflow system thats gained me another 0.008 secs. these are not 1 off times either it runs 14.9-15.1 very very consistently , with driver error/weather conditions usually making up for the lost few tenths of a sec


  clio 20v

my latest bouts of testing with the ap-22 performance meter has seen my willy engined valver hit 60 in 6.9

repeating it is hard work though most seem to be 7.05 to 7.1
  clio 20v

Start Speed 0.0mph
mph s g ft hp
10.0 1.00 0.49 7 29
20.0 1.89 0.48 26 57
30.0 2.79 0.53 59 96
40.0 4.14 0.37 129 89
50.0 5.40 0.36 212 109
60.0 7.07 0.26 348 97
70.0 8.94 0.23 527 101
80.0 10.88 0.22 741 112
90.0 13.90 0.15 1117 87
100.0 16.86 0.14 1531 95
110.0 20.39 0.10 2076 79

Pk Power: 56.7mph 6.27s 280ft 118hp
Peak G: 15.5mph 1.45s 15ft 0.55g

ignore hp readings as it wasnt set up, dont know how accurate it is either but its better than a stopwatch

Excellent 100mph time. Im sure that my Willy feels quicker from 60 to 100mph than my 172. Possibly a gearing thing with the Willys shorter gearing maybe...?
  williams and trophy

dunno rhys but i noticed i seem to pull away from most of the 172s iv raced when i hit 3rd and they are still in 2nd,they catch me slightly until they have to reach for 3rd then its game over........usually lol

apart from paddys freak
  clio 20v

of course them times were done on my own private runway i wouldnt be getting up to 110 on public roads ;)

those are on 17s too i think the extra grip they offer off the line offsets any advantage you get once moving

  clio 20v

lol @ paddy, if the wether is goin to be good i might have a wander up to santa pod this weekend or weekend after i cant wait till april for york hehe

  williams and trophy



hehe all u gotta remember wen u pull up to the lights paddy mate is that if u see the green light


simple as that

santa pod is ok if u wanna spend £70 on fuel an however much it is to race ......only to race twice before it starts spitting an racings cancelled lol

but i must admit the timing things at the end of the strip there are better
  mk2 172

no paddy mate, you go on orange and your slow human reactions get you go as it goes green! its doesnt stay on amber as long as norman traffic lights, for a split second, so when its amber you drop the clutch and hope you got the hop on the guy next to you!, so as jon says, if you see green youve lost!