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Willy vs V6 Vectra

  mk2 172

forgot to mention earlier, one tried it on earlier at a set off lights, so when we got to the next set had a drag race and i smoked his ass, gave him a fine helping of humble pie, hell, there was enough to serve two people was a white one with white wheels. looked like a ship.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

hehe, another one to add to the list then Craggy! Where do you find all these victims? I never seem to be able to find anyone up for it round my area!
  mk2 172

probably people thinkin they can take a bite of the best hot hatch ever, i think my drivin style attracts a little attention too, anyways, as long as they keep on comin my way i aint complaining!

ps dont forget i am surrounded by dual carriageways and fast b roads, also live in donny, home to many a boyo racer, regardless of what they drive


i had a race with a Dihatsu GT today.. something along them lines.. it was behind me coming along the coast road.. it had a dump valve.. thinking he was all that.. and he pulls into the next lane at lights.. so im looking around not even acknowledging him.. lights go green.... vr00000000000000000m gone.. no wheel spin from me.. just 1st-2nd-3rd and left him, all i could hear was this *pshhhhhhhh* *pshhhhhhhh* in the background.

man i love this williams, and to think 2 weeks ago i was being owned by saxos in my mini cooper
  Clio 172 cup

It would have been a bit sad if you hadnt beaten him mate! a dyihatsu gtti has a 1.0litre poxy 3 cylinder engine with a turbo the size of a jaffa cake! i could have melted him in my landrover!


  Shiny red R32

Raiderman, you sure it wasnt a Sunny GTi or a Pulsar GTi, they are much more fun that a Daihatsu!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

no hes right, the diahatsu 1.0 turbos do 0-60 in around 7 seconds! Quite a good effort for a 1 litre IMO!!
  VW Transporter 174

Willy Best hot hatch ever?

Bit of a bold statement there mate!

although id like to say it was a Maestro Turbo reality tells me overwise so if i have to be truthfull there can only be one best hot hatch ever.....
renault 5 GTT.
When this car first came along in the 80s there was nothing else like it,nothing could touch it.
I can remember the day i first saw one at the fortune of war on the 127 and it blew away a Astra GTE .they were fukcing awesome!
even getting on for twenty years later the car looks fresh today,its styling has stood the test of time.
Your Willy may be good but it didnt have the same impact the 5 turbo has had on the history of the hot hatch.

172 Slayer


I think he was referring to a magazine feature from not too long ago and not making the statement himself!

  BMW 320d Sport

Hmmm I disagree there slayer. I suspect youd get a lot more drivers whod take the Willy rather than a 5 GTT if given the choice of one or the other. The GTT is an icon but so is the Willy and a hot hatch is not just about outright acceleration as you know. Admittedly this is a Clio forum but I still think the Williams is the ultimate hot hatch, even has the beating of the 205 GTi which is still a force to be reckoned with on the road.

The other thing is that the GTT (and the 205 for that matter) look very dated now IMHO. Some cars are just like that - eg look at the Cossies - the Saph started to look like an 80s/90s grandad runabout years ago. but the Escort Cossie wont have aged a bit in twenty years time