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willy vs vts videos

Youve only a mk1 though (according to your sig)which has about less power than the newest one (used by craggy i think).

Nah nearly all VTSs are 120BHP (MK1 and MK2.)

For a short while they were 130BHP, then due to emisions they dropped it back to 120BHP.

That was X and Y reg.

Craggys is a 120BHP Saxo.

It sure does, 5k is when the fun starts, can be a pain in the arse keeping it there on the raod because it doesnt take long to get from 5k-7.5k and the limiter!

Theres about 40kg and 30bhp difference the williams "should" still have been quicker then should it not?

Actually i found this on qtr mile rivals,


Citroen Saxo VTS
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Boths 16.1 seconds is that supposed to be? That sounds about right. Would also like to say in defense of Williams in general that mine is making awful exhaust noises right through the rev range from somewhere near the manifold or downpipe and needs to go back to the garage. Oh yeah, its also a Willy 3 remember, so has the extra weight of ABS and a sunroof over the Willy 1 & 2.

I still know which car Id rather be driving


in that willy vs VTS 3 video, are you bouncing it of the rev limiter? its hard to make out, but sounds as if the revs are being thrown back?!
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Craggy - Im sure at one point you have your camera dangling out of the window!!! Just as well you didnt let go!!!!

Theres no way that a VTS would have a willy.

Best way to do it is timing with the same driver.

Very, very impressed. Ive been following Craggys VTS versus 16v exploits with keen interest and have had my eyes opened to the VTS. All the 16v/172/Williams owners hes beaten can make excuses - but at the end of the day hes proved his point fair and square.

I still read in posts stuff like "my Polo pulls away from a VTS easily", but if this little VTS can take on the big hot hatch boys and put in a good show, then lesser cars have no chance.

I dont see how people can say a VTS cant have a Willy.. Theres 5 videos there which prove, pretty conclusivly, that the VTS is a quicker car in the straightline.. Round twisties might be different, but I dont see how anyone can say that THAT VTS is SLOWER than THAT Willy.



i really really want to see these vids

but i cant for some reason

gotta say well done craggy. ur vts is quick. always knew they were but not that bloody



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Quote: Originally posted by Daz on 26 January 2003

I dont see how anyone can say that THAT VTS is SLOWER than THAT Willy.

Thats fair enough but theres 2L Clio 1s putting in sub 15 sec 1/4 mile times with VERY few mods, plus on the Willy vs VTS 4/5 videos its as though the Willy is stopped. Something up there for a car with 30 hp less as well as less torque to come storming past.


ur car got stick and to be honest it was not in the best of conditions when u did race. u had gearbox probs and u siad urself u missed gears and stuff

u got ur old wheels lying about. if u have a spare couple of hourse. put ur old wheels on and ur std airbox back on. if u dont feel ur car is quicker ill buy i a drink if i ever meet u. the difference is phenominal,

but hey after this i bet ur having doubts about ur 2.0 conversion too

  clio 20v

i only really got in one good run against craggy with my box problems and on 17s but even with the ap-22 i was half a second out on his time

lol it is worrying me slightly about the 2.0 but im hopin it will be a good en

i think ill be doing some testing with craggy with it and my 15s back on

i gave my airbox away lol keep meanin to build a heat shield round the filter but neva get round to it

i prefer the 2.0 anyway the valver is very good in a straight line but in the twisties its very hard work keepin it on the boil

after looking a the vids ..theres no way a sax is going to leave a willy like that unless its had some serious mods!

No i just dont believe it

No No No No

I wont believe it!

i wont you know!

No its just wrong!

All Wrong!


piss me self laughin at this


nice what did the clio driver think when you passed him with a camra in your hand.

My HDI can beat the clio 16v never tried a williams.

Peugeot 306 HDI
118bhp at 3752rpm
228lbft of torque.

18" Dare V2 with 215/35/18

  clio 20v

im tryin to restrain my self from postin on it wot a load of sh*t a 306 hdi on 18s my mate has a 306 hdi i absolutely murder it okay he can pull away wen im not expectin it but drop a gear and its toast