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Window Tinting?

  RB & LY 182
just wanting sum info on places and prices for window tinting thats the material and fitting. in my area (cumbria, north west.)
am wanting the smoked sort of tint not the limo black stuff i get pulled by the police enuf so cant hav it to dark.

thanx steven


ClioSport Club Member
  Focus ST225, Focus E
gimmie 5 mins mate i know some1 jst gotta find the number


His names benny he quite cheap
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  Silver ph2/Mk2 Clio 172
Hi chaps.
I'm from Cumbria too, but do you know where abouts this benny is? I want to get mine done, but if its the other end of cumbria is an hour and a half drive!

I'm from Ulverston by the way