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wireless internet - laptop

Having problems connecting my new toshiba laptop up to our AOL internet at home. I already have one pc connected via an ethernet cable to the modem - theres an aerial on the modem and its definately wireless compatible. Ive switched the laptops wireless connection on and followed all the instructions but its still coming up no connectivity ?? anyone any ideas ??

Thanks in advance
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Is the wireless all working on the router? As the cable is connected to the first machine it and working fine the wireless on the router could be a problem.

Does it actually search for wireless networks on the laptop?
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Yes you'll need a wireless router, is the aerial on the router or the laptop?

You may find that the wireless needs to be turned on by using the function key which is usually bottom left and a 'F' key, I've had that with a few laptops I've done.
Ah right - i will go and buy a router and then have another go - any suggestions for router type ??

Ive not tried the 'F' key and bottom left button yet - will also give that a go
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I bought a Netgear as my first one and haven't had any problem since so I've always buy them for other people as they are simple to use and do the job fine.
On your modem matt is there any lights with wireless printed under them, if the modem has wireless built in you won't need a router
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Before you go get a new one, post the make and model of the router/modem you have at the moment to make sure it's not wireless enabled.
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yah ntl is cable, and ntl and telewest is the only cable in the uk iirc.
so sky is on a bt line, therefore adsl
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'Officially' AOL will only give you telephone support on the Netgear 834G, so just be careful which Router you get, and as someone mentioned up there, ^, you need to make sure the Router has a built in ADSL Modem.