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Wiring my amp

  1.2 Dynamique
Hi people, i have a 02 plate 1.2 dynamique , right my request today is a detailed list of where to put the wiring for my amp (power,RCA and control) could you please explain where i can put these wires so there out of site in detail so if its under some plastic could you tell me where the clips for the plastic are, i mean very detailed from all the way to headunit,battery and boot? :)

thankyou in advance
  Ph1 track 172
run the power down the right hand side of the car, if you pull the door seals off, the plastic trim will hook away from the body, put the wire down there until you get to the b piller, a which point youll reach the rear quatre cards, at this point thread the wire out the other side of the trim so it ends up in your passenger footwell, then tuck it under the quatre card until it reaches the rear seat, then just thread it under the back rest into the boot,

the ground wire is normally wired to the big bolts that hold the isofix bar down (thats the big lump of plastic/metal in the boot floor directly behind the rear seats, there should be some meaty bolts holding this down, earth wire goes there,

the blue remote wire needs to follow the same steps as the power wire, until the front footwell, at which point needs to be tucked under the dash to the rear of the headunit where it connects to a blue wire coming out of the unit,

the RCA cables need to follow the same route as the remote wire, however this NEEDS TO BE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CAR, though it seems like alot more work, running the wires the same side can cause interfernce,

also ive found the best thing with the remote and rca cables, is tuck them into the door sills at the earliest point. (basically where the dash ends) this will make them almost completely invisible.

remember to splice a fuse into the power wire as close to the battery as possible,

unfortunatly thats all the info i provide as i own a ph1 clio,
and they have different firewalls and gromits to the engine bay, and a different layount behind the dash.

hope this helps.
  1.2 Dynamique
So like this on my attachments?



  • clio wiring diagram.jpg
    clio wiring diagram.jpg
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  Ph1 track 172
pardon me sorry, always get that mixed up, power goes on the left, goes straight into the plastics that surrounds the door,

rca go under the dash, under the steering column and down the right hand side of the car.

like this, (colours the same,)


also note, the second the wires go under the back seats out of side, you can cut across under the seat, the trim ends when the seats start.

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  Clio 1.2 16v
yeah you attatchment is the wrong way around mate

and tbh i would put the power and remote wires down the passenger side and the RCA phonos down the driver side

tips :)

i used the boot popper cable to feed the power cable to the battery

the fuse (i would say) no longer than 12" away from battery

under the carpet(near the rear light screw) on either side of the boot there is grounding screws

and just run the cables under the plastic trim on the floor from the bonnet popper youl need to take off the alan key and rod on the bottom of the passengers seat belt if i remember correctly lol

obvouisly not it great dtail as Clio142 has touched on the just of it

any questions pm me mate
  1.2 Dynamique
ok thanks for the tips craigjack, boot popper do you mean bonnet popper? and thanks clio142 for the help, i just need to know now how to get from the plastic under the door across footwell to headunit?
  1.2 Dynamique
so in passenger footwell it comes out from underneath door is there anyway of following the door speaker cable up to headuit so is totally hiddden or is this too hard
  Clio 1.2 16v
yes i ment bonnet popper and you feed it following the door sill plastic right up to the bonnet catch* release leaver ( by this point it should be hidden) and just under the glove box and into the headunit

(i had my dash of but) i found it much easyer as i have the steering wheel harness + ipod connecters, lol so i need to see right down the back to pack all the cables behind the headunit

uhh!? btw is this for the remote wire yeah ?
  172 CUP
i have the power cables running down the left hand side, and the speaker cables running down the right hand side, when doing the power cables i just put them straight underneath the carpet and had all the wiring under the carpet so they are not visible at all.
ok thanks for the tips craigjack, boot popper do you mean bonnet popper? and thanks clio142 for the help, i just need to know now how to get from the plastic under the door across footwell to headunit?

If you look in the footwells, the carpet stops a fair bit below the bottom of the dash. Just run the cables right along under the plastic trims right up into the footwells, then run it along behind the carpet in the footwells to the centre console, then there are holes in the dash to run them through into the back of the headunit. That's how I've done it in both my Clios, wires totally hidden.
  Ph1 track 172
what wiring are you using??
if its only 8awg then you may be able to tuck it under the carpet,
any bigger and youll get a noticable bulge lol,

im using 0awg in my clio and it fits semi happily under the trim.

to get it under the plastics, take the door seal rubber off, and the plastic should pop away leaving a lot of room underneith it, just feed the wire down there, and pop it back on, or you can force it underneith the same trim, but this way you will have to take the lower seatbelt mounting point out to get the wire under.

as for going from the trim to the headunit, i just took the headunit, shoved my hand through, and reached around with the other hand, if you manage to touch your hands together, youve found a route for the wires!!!
  1.2 Dynamique
thanks everyone for the advice much appreciated , erm well i bought a kit which says up to 400 watt if thats any help lol
  Ph1 track 172
possibly 8awg,

should say on the box somewhere, on the back maybe,

8,4,2 or 0 gauge(awg)

how big is the amp your running, because you cant run a great deal off 8awg.
  1.2 Dynamique
erm well i have got the jbl tube to take apart for the moment and think its only like 150 rms 300 peak but noit sure for the moment, i will be getting a new amp thou and subs
  Ph1 track 172
well if you get an amp any bigger that wire will need to be upgraded,

or you run the risk of melting it.